about us

CIE International is a company that specializes in mobile cranes and was founded in 2006. With years of experience, the company has grown and expanded its operations both in France and internationally, establishing a reputation as a leader in the sector.


The company's philosophy is to offer fast and reliable solutions in the ever-changing world of mobile cranes. As specialists, they work closely with their customers to bring their projects to fruition, focusing on meeting their specific needs.

Personnalised services

CIE International is committed to providing high-quality, flexible, and personalized service to each of its customers. They treat each request individually, taking into account the specific needs and expectations of their clients.

Offering choice
As a specialist company, CIE International offers a wide range of mobile crane models from various manufacturers. Their inventory is constantly updated to offer customers a wide choice, from commonly sought-after models to rarer products. Thanks to their international presence, they have built up trusting relationships with their customers and partners, enabling them to respond reactively to every request worldwide.